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Hi, I'm Pavan Rao. 👋


I am an MSCS student at Northeastern University's Khoury College of Computer Sciences  in Boston, MA and an experienced full stack software engineer interested in the distributed systems, web, cloud and DevOps space. I am also an avid science fiction reader and enthusiast, and an occasional biker.


I have extensive experience working on Kubernetes development with Go and Docker, and have worked with JavaScript (Angular, React), Python, and Java in the past. My tech stack also includes experience with Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, and some novice level Linux shell scripting. I am a developer that strives for clean and maintainable code.


Apart from technology (of all sorts), I enjoy spending time reading science fiction and mystery novels (particular preference for spy thrillers here), or on YouTube browsing content in science, comedy, gaming, and guitar.


You can reach out to me at
pavanpej@gmail.com or find me on
GitHub, Twitter, or LinkedIn


My resume can be found here